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What?! Katy Perry in Super Bowl halftime show?!

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Katy Perry in the Super Bowl halftime show?! It’s a football game! It’s not a place for little girls music! The Super Bowl is a place where tough men play, a field where bones may break, and blood will spill. At least get some real women who rock, like Pat Benatar, or Joan Jett, or Twisted Sister! But Katy Perry?! That’s like putting a merry-go-round on a pirate ship! Or a boxer raising his hand during the middle of the fight to be excused so that he can take a wee wee in the little boys room.

Year after year it’s the same thing with this little girls music. Who are you aiming for in the ratings, men, or all those Oprahs out there? C’mon NFL! Be a man. Don’t turn the Super Bowl into a Martha Stewart show!

Is Katy Perry popular just because she sang some lame song “I kissed a girl”? Who didn’t kiss a girl, except for those sissys who planned the Super Bowl halftime show!

This is the kind of music that should be on a halftime show: Twisted Sister
not this: Katy Perry
By the way hopscotch fans, here’s the original “I kissed a girl” – Original: I kissed a girl
Booya!  👍

Danny’s Movie Reviews #1

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Theory of Everything

The only science I learned from that movie is that all men are pigs.



I didn’t see that movie, because people should know that they shouldn’t be going in the water when there are sharks there. For example, what if there’s a movie called “House on fire”. Why would you want to watch a bunch of stupid people running into a burning house?


Y tu Mama Tambien

People do things. I get it.


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A journey through Excel, from the memoirs of Danny Dechi

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Day 1 – Overtaken by my curiosity, I set sail on a journey to find out how far the Excel spreadsheet can be measured. Naturally, I begin with cell A1, then press the right arrow key, and I’m off to discover how far does the Excel spreadsheet go.

Day 5 – I’m fast approaching 50 letters to each column. Is this journey about to end?

Day 9 – I was prepared to end my quest at 50 letters per column, but alas, I blinked, and I am now at 80 letters per column.

Day 32 – Incredibly, the count has now reached several hundred letters per column. I regret not ending this journey of blank monotonous cells at 50 letters per column.

Curse you Excel! Tempting me, like Sirens alluring a Viking ship to its deadly end upon the rocks of a dark and violent sea. Knowing there will be a fateful end, but oblivious to when.

Day 157 – My beard is as long as my stench is strong. And my ear hairs…well you can imagine. My finger grows weary, but my determination remains strong, to find the end of this vast and fascinating Excel universe.

Day 212 – I ponder how my journey will end. Will I find the end of this great Excel universe, or will Excel find the end of me? I miss my family. Tell them I love them.  👍

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He called him a what?!

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I was at a baseball game when a huge argument started right behind me between these two guys who were insulting each other. One guy said something bad about the other guy’s mother, then the other guy called him a Nazi. Then it went too far, and a fist fight broke out because one guy called the other guy a CEO for a health insurance company.  👍

Yoko Ono sings?! The horror! The horror!

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The horror! The horror! While listening to this, my cat committed suicide, and my dog bit me! I can’t call her a bad singer, because she doesn’t even qualify as a singer! She sounds like a horrible hurricane!
I can’t believe that a human being can be worse than bagpipes!
You shouldn’t forward this link to anyone! It can be harmful to children!  👍

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