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I’m still at Candlestick Park!

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CandlestickParkLast GameHere’s me. 3 days after the last game ever at Candlestick Park, with the security guard still trying to pull me out of the stadium.
My arms are getting weary. Can someone please bring me some spinach, and maybe a cup of water?
So who’s with me? Who wants to join me, and show those greedy owners who the real 49ers fans are?
Stay 49ers! Stay 49ers! Stay 49ers!


Dr. Phil Movie

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I had a dream last night. I’m on the set for the upcoming movie about Dr. Phil. My role is playing one of Dr. Phil’s patients. I quietly sit face-to-face with the great Dr. Phil while he lectures me.

I think I need a stuntman.  👍

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Candlestick Park seagulls

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Right around 4PM when the 49ERS football game is about over, seagulls at Candlestick Park know it’s time to flock the stands to gather food left over by the fans. Due to the York family, who owns the 49ERS, and is moving the team to Santa Clara, the environmental impact if Candlestick Park is demolished, will be seagulls, including baby seagulls, will starve to death. The York family will have thousands of seagulls on their head!

If you want to know what I think of the new stadium, read this: Taking it in the End Zone  👍

I like Candlestick Park

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I like Candlestick Park. But now we have to get a new stadium because some whiners say: “Ooh, Candlestick Park is too cold, and there’s no Wi-Fi, my smartphone won’t work.”
Tell you what you can do. Get yourself a nice big antenna, and shove it straight up you’re a##. Then get yourself a cup of soy latte, and you’ll feel like you’re in a coffee shop. Then you can tell everyone: “Look at me! I’m my own coffee shop! I’m my own coffee shop!” 

Now shut up. I’m watching the game.

If you want to know what I think of the new stadium, read this: Taking it in the End Zone  👍

Funny things about that Government Shutdown

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Why are people so complacent about the government shutdown?

Because the Internet replaced torches and pitchforks.

C’mon people! Let’s go Frankenstein on them!


I received this message from a Republican politician:

“Dear citizen. I am sorry I failed you. I did my best to take away your health care and your government contracting job. Next time I initiate a government shutdown, I’ll do better by not only taking away your health care and job, but I will also burn down your house and eat your baby.

Please forgive me, and vote for me again on the next election. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like me to do you any more favors.


Your friendly neighborhood Republican.”


Some blond on Fox “News” commented regarding the government shutdown: “What would Ronald Reagan do?”

Nothing! Because he’s dead. Get over it, and move on with your blond life.


During the government shutdown, I had to supplement my income, and I did some things which I’m ashamed of. So please do not buy these movies:

“Danny Does Daly City” and “The Sexy Trampoline”.


Hey, Republicans! Darth Vader called, and he wants his evil back.  👍

Man of Steel and World War Z movie reviews:

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The following is my review of the Superman movie “Man of Steel”. Earth to Superman: Please don’t save us! This orgy of explosions and collapsing buildings, completely abandoned one of the main principles of the real Superman and all super-heroes: Don’t let innocent people get killed while you’re fighting the bad guys. Now that I think of it, preventing harm to innocent bystanders is a common standard of police, firemen, teachers, marching bands, pole dancers, and pretty much anybody, except for politicians.

At the end of the movie, Superman and Lois Lane are alone enjoying a romantic moment, surrounded by nothing but leveled buildings as far as the eye can see. Besides the destructive fisticuffs, maybe the addition of trying to save the world by creating a black hole wasn’t such a good idea either. Is there ever a time when a black hole helps?

I must say that the people who made this film don’t really know much about anything. One more little example: Clark Kent was raised in the state of Kansas. To emphasize this, in one scene, Clark wears a t-shirt representing the Kansas City Royals baseball team. Kansas City Royals are located in the state of Missouri, not Kansas. I give this movie 4 slaps to the forehead.

Also, here’s my quick review of World War Z. Good movie, go see it. I give it 3½ Zombie bites. By the way, the scene where Zombies are climbing over each other to get to the other side of a wall was done before in this Billy Idol video:

You’re welcome.  👍