I blame Pokemon Go for…

I blame Pokemon Go for leading me into a massage parlor.

Okay to name a restaurant Pollo Loco, but…

So it’s okay to name a restaurant Pollo Loco, but if someone wants to name their restaurant Mad Cow…”Oh, no! That’s bad!”

Never judge a book by its cover…

Never judge a book by its cover…unless it has a picture of a puppy on fire.

I just realized…

Schmuck, schnook, putz, schlemiel, klutz, schlimazel, nebbish, nudnik, pisher, schmo, yutz.
Man, Jewish people have more words for loser than Eskimos have for snow!

Hey, ‪‎Citizens‬ United!‬

1. Corporations are not people! They don’t even have any DNA! So, corporations are neither people, or animals, or vegetables.

2. Money is not free speech! Just like apples are not free speech, neither are cats, mountains, tires, pancakes, and… Continue reading

Man get swallowed alive by whale.

If a man get swallowed alive by a whale, and nobody can hear him, will a tree fall on him?

Beer Battered Fish

Question: When making beer battered fish, do you use a full beer bottle or an empty one?

What’s your name?

He: “I’m Druff. Daniel Druff.” Me: “May I call you Dan… “He: “No.”

Religion, it’s not Rocket Science.

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