Did you hear about…

Did you hear about the ghost who committed suicide?
They donated his body to séance.


The day after Halloween

Telling people today:
“Dude, Halloween is over.”


Why they call it World Series

Some people complain why do they call it World Series, when it’s only played in the U.S..
Well, what about the Ms.Universe pageant?


Contestant at The Gong Show

The Saber Dance Song plays while he gulps down a tall glass of milk.
Contestant: “Ta da!”
Judges: “So you drank a glass of milk. What’s the big deal?”
Contestant: “I’m lactose intolerant.”
Judges: “Security!”


Who’s on first?

The Cleveland Indians were here before the Minnesota Vikings.


Too much PC

Everything is so PC nowadays. I remember before it was shortened, the old saying was:
“Don’t cry over spilled milk, or I’ll punch you in the face.”


Give up our seat on the bus to little kids?

Do we need to give up our seat on the bus to little kids? Aren’t they young enough to handle standing on the bus? When I was a little kid, no one gave me their seat. Carrying bags of groceries… Continue reading


Family in Argentina

I’m back home after visiting family in Argentina.
Great to be with them, but wow, they’re always feeding me!
I felt like I was on a cruise ship, that’s been commandeered by a Jewish mother!


Airbnb will no longer allow motorcycles…

Note: Airbnb will no longer allow motorcycles to be driven in living rooms or kitchens.
No explanation given.


Yom Kippur on a Sabbath?!

This year Yom Kippur falls on a Sabbath?!
Oy vey, no eating or electricity on a weekend?!
We struggled for this?!
(By the way, that’s a lot of questions answering questions, also known as Jewish Haiku.)


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