Marijuana turns you into a baby

Here’s my take on legalizing marijuana: It’s bad enough we already have to put up with those stinking cigarettes. And then we also have to put up with people who drink too much alcohol and get stupid. But with marijuana,… Continue reading

If a comedian tells a joke, and no one is there to hear, will a tree fall on him?

Wolverine – 20 Years Later

Wolverine Dechi

Grammy Awards – boring

Grammy Awards last night was so lame. Music was rhythmless, whiny, and boring. I guess this is what we have to put with, since having a generation of “musicians” who grew up on Barney the Dinosaur. I didn’t see a… Continue reading

I’m still at Candlestick Park!

CandlestickParkLast GameHere’s me. 3 days after the last game ever at Candlestick Park, with the security guard still trying to pull me out of the stadium.
My arms are getting weary. Can someone please bring me some spinach, and maybe a… Continue reading

“Energy” drinks?

Those so-called “Energy” drinks don’t really give you energy. Instead, they hype you up with all that caffeine and sugar.

If you want real energy, try Food®.

Most Popular Soap Opera

Did you hear about the new soap opera? It’s the most popular ever. It’s called Facebook!

Dr. Phil Movie

I had a dream last night. I’m on the set for the upcoming movie about Dr. Phil. My role is playing one of Dr. Phil’s patients. I quietly sit face-to-face with the great Dr. Phil while he lectures me.

I… Continue reading

Candlestick Park seagulls

Right around 4PM when the 49ERS football game is about over, seagulls at Candlestick Park know it’s time to flock the stands to gather food left over by the fans. Due to the York family, who owns the 49ERS, and… Continue reading

Funny things about that Government Shutdown

Why are people so complacent about the government shutdown?

Because the Internet replaced torches and pitchforks.

C’mon people! Let’s go Frankenstein on them!


I received this message from a Republican politician:

“Dear citizen. I am sorry I failed you.… Continue reading

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