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Member of the Screen Actors Guild – AFTRA

Danny Dechi, Comedian & Musician Minimalist

Danny Dechi’s stand-up comedy, most often directed at himself, is a hilarious combination of clean comedy & a unique #2 pencil musical act.

Danny arrived to the Bay Area from Argentina when he was only 6 years old. (My grandfather moved to Argentina because he heard America is a land of opportunity. Unfortunately, he had the wrong America.) The experience of growing up in San Francisco has warped him forever – he’s been an enthusiastic element of San Francisco’s weird and wonderful entertainment scene, including performing for the celebrated Annual San Francisco Comedy Day in 2011.

His Blinky the Rock God character showed up at open mics, the comedy stages and underground theater (Popcorn Anti-Theater), and soon Danny was performing (as Blinky, himself & Howard Stone’s Show One Man Orchestra) all over the Bay area several times per week, including such classic comedy clubs as Punchline, Purple Onion, Rooster T. Feathers, Throckmorton Theatre, and the up-and-coming-ones, such as the San Francisco Tommy T’s club and The Comedy Station.

In addition, Danny acted in several theater plays with the San Francisco Free Civic Theatre (theater group), had appeared in TV commercials (the latest one for the San Francisco Giants), and has written a hilarious semi-autobiographical book “I Didn’t want to pay for Rent-A-Car”. His one-man comedy play premiered in late August 2009 at the Comedy Station in San Francisco.

Currently, Danny Dechi performs his stand-up and musical act throughout the Bay Area and hosts several Comedy Showcase and Open Mike rooms, as well as a comedy Talk Show, Radio Ha-Ha at FCC-Free Radio. He can perform any tunes, from rock-n-roll to classical pieces, by drumming a #2 pencil on his cheek, and is considering recording his first musical CD.

Danny is the author of the hilarious book: “I Didn’t Want to Pay for a Rent-A-Car“. Danny was also inducted into the 24th edition of Who’s Who in the East.

He is reachable for comedy performance and acting engagements by email at or phone 415-831-1541.

Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Height: 5 ft. 7 in. Weight: 135 lb.


April, 2011: Hemingway & Gellhorn: HBO movie – Extra: Tropicana Club Scene
starring Clive Owen as Hemingway and Nicole Kidman as Martha Gellhorn

April 4, 1998: ED TV – Extra, Director: Ron Howard

November 28, 2018: CBS: Guest: Performed stand-up comedy routine on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

September 7, 2017: ABC: Guest: Performed stand-up comedy routine on The Gong Show.

March 7, 2009: KOFY TV20: Guest: Performed stand-up comedy routine during a segment of the weekly Creepy KOFY Movie Time.

April 7, 2005: San Francisco Giants Baseball: Commercial: Boxer Films – Principle, Giants fan addressing players
2005: San Francisco GIANTS TV ads

August 16, 2003: Hennes & Mauritz Apparel: Commercial: HSI Productions – Principle, Role of disgruntled Taxi Driver.

May 29, 2003: 30 Seconds to Fame – FOX TV: Played music by drumming the side of my cheek using a No. 2 pencil on National television and before a live studio audience. Part of my performance was also included in the nationally televised promotion before the show’s debut.

May 6 – May 26, 2002 & August 5 – August 25: Commercial for my own book – “I Didn’t Want to Pay for a Rent-A-Car”. Production Company: AT & T Broadband

February 16, 2002: Evening Magazine: Production Company: KPIX Performed in an Olympic games spoof, flexing muscles as a contestant in a “puny man” contest.

August 19, 1999: Auditioned for the “Extreme Gong Show”-Took 5th place for playing music by drumming the side of my cheek using a No. 2 pencil.

July 17 to 19, 2007: Palm, Inc: Commercial: Young & Rubicam, Teak Motion Visuals – Principle: Role of Trey, partnered with Leo to play in three commercials for various comedic parts: alligator experts, forest rangers, and wrestlers.

August 20, 1999: WILD 94.9 Radio & May 19, 2000 Played music by drumming the side of my cheek using a No. 2 pencil, and recited my bits of comedy before a live audience. In addition, on August 29, 2000 I performed on stage at the “Sound Factory”, located on 2nd Street and Harrison, in a comedic bit for a “Muscle man” contest, and on the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve 2001 I performed a comedic, scantly dressed Air Guitar bit, both sponsored by WILD 94.9 Radio.

May 7 to Present: Roxie Theater: Continuing Roxie’s tradition of Saturdays side show entertainment before the movie.
Roxie Theater

August, 2008 to Present: Tony n Tina’s Wedding: In the role of Sal the photographer, I am free to ad-lib my original humor with audiences and performers.
Producers: Jeff Gitlin and Raphael Berko, Director: Larry Pellegrini

March 26 – April 11, 2010: San Francisco Free Civic Theatre: “An Enemy of the People”, classic play by Henrik Ibsen. Played the role of town drunk.

June 2008 to Present: The Monday Night Marsh Series: “Splinters On My Cheek”.
I was the comedic closing act in a series of short plays by various performers.

October 11 – 21, 2007: San Francisco Free Civic Theatre: “The Visit”, the classic play by Friedrich Durrenmatt. Played the role of Koby, paired with Loby, and we both spoke the same lines at the same time.

September 21, 2005: “What’s My Line?” game show: I was the guest being interviewed by a panel of four celebrities, attempting to find out my “occupation”, which is a musician who plays music using a pencil.
Lots of laughs throughout the entire show. What’s My Line?

May 2003 – Present: “The Howard Stone Show with the Danny Dechi Orchestra”. An ongoing monthly show, presented in the style of late night comedy talk shows. Featuring comedians and other various types of performers, at the “Shelton Theater” and “Off-Market” Theater. I am the one-man band, playing music by drumming the side of my cheek using a No. 2 pencil.

April 7 – April 18, 2004: San Francisco Free Civic Theatre: Played separate roles of “The Waiter” and “The Merchant” in the comedy stage play “The Inspector” (an adaptation of Russian novelist Nikolai Gogol).

January 11, 2003: Performed as “Blinky the Rock God” with a cavalcade of 25 other performers at El Rio, in a benefit show for Venue 9.

November 20, 2002: Performed as “Blinky the Rock God” in Dee Dee Russell’s FunkyTown at Club Galia.

November 7 – November 17, 2002 & January 23 – February 1, 2003: San Francisco Free Civic Theatre: Played the role of “Dr. Gaspard Jardin” in the comedy stage play “The Madwoman of the Castro” (an adaptation of Jean Giraudoux’s novel: The Madwoman of Chaillot).

December 14, 2001: Opening act as “Blinky the Rock God” for the band “Bride of Ozzie”, at Spanganga.

April 1, 2001: Under my stage name of “Blinky the Rock God”, performed my comic act and No. 2 pencil musical performance in front of a live audience at Washington Square in North Beach, during the annual April Fool’s St. Stupid parade.

July 7th & 8th, 2000: Attaboy & Burke Surreal Medicine Show & November 30th, 2001 Under my stage name of “Blinky the Rock God”, performed my comic act and No. 2 pencil musical performance in front of a live audience at Venue9.

January 30, 2000 to Present: POPCORN ANTI-THEATER Perform on a monthly basis before a live audience, dressed as my stage character “Blinky the Rock God”, playing my No. 2 pencil music and telling my own created jokes. I have also appeared as “Blinky” in photos and print, in local media such as San Francisco Magazine, SFWeekly, SF Bay Guardian, Richmond Review. I also perform as “Blinky the Rock God” at various other venues. Producer: Hernand Cortez

Stand-up Comedy:
September 18th, 2011: My debut performance at the 31st annual San Francisco Comedy Day in Golden Gate Park

September 29th, 2009: 34th Annual $25,000 San Francisco International Stand-Up Comedy Competition I hosted this prestigious event credited with discovering the likes of Dana Carvey, Dane Cook, Ellen DeGeneres, Sinbad, Patton Oswalt and Robin Williams. San Francisco Comedy Competition

I’m the original, ongoing host of a weekly comedy show at the Rockit Room, and monthly showcases at the 4 STAR Theatre and Baazar CafĂ©. I also perform at numerous comedy clubs, such as Punch Line, Cobb’s, Rooster T. Feathers, and Purple Onion to a very happy audience. I also performed at the University of California at Berkeley, including their annual Comedy Fest. By the way, on Saturday, December 14th, 2002 I performed at the Mock Cafe, and the famous Robin Williams just showed up unannounced to do the closing set. But the big deal was earlier, halfway during my set I noticed Robin Williams standing in the back watching my act, and laughing his head off! I really couldn’t believe it! He went hysterical! It was a big thrill for me.

I am the author of a comedy book entitled: “I Didn’t Want to Pay for a Rent-A-Car” (First Printing 1999), and have also written the screenplay for this story.

October 2005: Street Sheet: I wrote a comedic article for the San Francisco Street Sheet publication.

Apprentice Teacher:
SPARK Program I am an Apprentice Teacher for middle-school youth who are interested in becoming comedians.

June 2003 – Present: Doug Ferrari, Legendary Comedian – San Francisco

1997: Jim Crenna Improvisation – Fort Mason Building, San Francisco

Languages: Spanish

Athletics: Very athletic in many sports, such as football, softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer (goalie). I am a blatantly fast runner and can jump very high, and can also climb lamp posts.

Other Skills: Comedy writer, produced my own variety TV show on Public Access television, bizarre hand contortions, can climb a lamppost, computer literate, copy machine/fax machine service, former electrical drafter for major elevator company.