Talking to a friend of mine who is a big Ted Cruz fan:

Me: “Hey, you must be happy Ted Cruz won big yesterday.”

Him: “Yeah…I guess so.”

Me: “You don’t sound very thrilled. I thought you’re Cruz’ biggest fan.”

Him: “Maybe…”

Me: “Wait, you’re not changing your mind because of that booger incident during the debate, are you?”

Him: “It was disgusting! I can’t vote for someone that ate a booger! Think of the leader of our country shaking hands with dignitaries and people!”

Me: “Or kissing a baby!”

Him: “Eww… gross! I’m outta here. Going home to take a shower.”

As my friend leaves, I call out: “All Republicans eat boogers! Look it up on Wikipedia!”

Thank you Wikipedia for allowing people to update your web pages!

Did Ted Cruz eat a booger during the Republican Debate?  👍