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Bermuda Triangle

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Recently discovered wormhole in Bermuda Triangle explains disappearance of ships and airplanes, for so many years. This wormhole has been transporting ships and airplanes into the past. That is why scientists sometimes find dinosaur skeletons with bags of pretzels in their stomach.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


United States History

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Mr. Science is here to help you parents who are having difficulties teaching your kids away from school during the quarantine, with concise, easy to teach lessons. Today’s lesson: History of the United States.

β€œLong before the year 2000, Columbus set sail from Europe, searching for a New World. He landed on Plymouth Rock, where he met Jesus at a Thanksgiving feast. Christopher and Jesus had a meeting, and came up with a plan to create what today we call America. Then, during the early 1950s, expeditions by Lois and Clark discovered Iowa, which soon after became our 50th state.” And that, in a nutshell is the History of the United States of America. Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Beets and Metal Detectors

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Since beets are rich in iron, people don’t realize why they activate airport metal detectors, even 2 weeks after consumption. They remove their belongings one after another, but still the beets sound off the metal detectors. And that is why you see so many naked people at the airport. Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.1 πŸ‘

Dolphins are intelligent

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Everyone knows that dolphins are intelligent creatures. But Professor Gillbreath believed dolphins have even more potential if they lived within human society. So, he placed a dolphin in a water tank, and enrolled it into a physics class at a university. This fish went beyond the professor’s expectations. It came up with theories, which eventually led to the dolphin’s invention of the semi-conductor. Unfortunately, the university did not want to give credit to a dolphin for this world changing invention. The dolphin became depressed, and on its way to living in poverty, since it could no longer adapt to living in the ocean. But good fortune soon came, when this wonderful dolphin received a contract to be on a TV series.
Yes, TV star Flipper created the digital age.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.1 πŸ‘