Your DNA modified

By the year 2025, you will be able to have your DNA modified to become any animal. However, if touched by human DNA, for example a kiss, you will revert to half human/half animal, such as a Minotaur, or frog-person,… Continue reading


You can reach your destination faster

You can reach your destination faster, if you use a GPS device with a smaller screen.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Mixed Drinks

If you mix a Harvey Wallbanger with a Rusty Nail, you can hang a picture.


Uber Eats

Does Uber Eats mean you eat in the car?


Kangaroos can punt

The average kangaroo can punt a koala 75 yards.
Another Fun Fact from Mr Science.


Bar Mitzvah

Happy Bar Mitzvah. So now you’re a man? You can’t drive, you can’t drink, you can’t vote, you can’t go to R rated movies, you can’t shave, you can’t get married or even go on a date. Yeah, right. You’re a man now.


Looking for a Map

I went to Walgreens to look for a map.
They said: “We have one left, just for you, in the losers section, next to adult diapers.”


Happy Bees

Bees are so happy to return to their hives, that they dance around in circles, until they vomit.
And that is how honey is made.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Cats like to read your diary

Cats like to read your diary so that they can discover your weaknesses.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Superman crossing the street

Superman teaches his young Superson to cross the street.
They look left, no car coming.
They look right, no car coming.
As soon as they step into the street, a truck falls on top of them.
Superman look up to… Continue reading


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