Had my taxes done!

Did my annual taxes yesterday, and the tax accountant says I owe the government $200.
So I slip an extra $5 to the tax accountant, and now I’m getting a $57 million refund!

My experience in Super Bowl City!

They really make you feel like a pro football player at the Super Bowl experience, here in Super Bowl City! The moment you walk through the entrance, a 350 pound lineman tackles you to the ground. That was great! There… Continue reading

Polar Bear Eggs

The reason ‪‎polar bears are on the verge of extinction is because they lay their eggs before they hibernate, so when they wake up, it’s hard for them to find their ‪‎eggs in the snow.

Another fun fact from Mr. ‪‎Science.

Eddie Redmayne’s most challenging role!


A raven‬ invented the wheel.

Ravens are one of nature’s most intelligent animals. Did you know that it was a ‪‎raven who invented the wheel, and its idea was stolen by Thomas ‪‎Edison?
Another fun fact from Mr. ‪‎Science.

Moon tastes like…

Did you know that the center of the ‪‎moon’s hard surface consists of chewy chocolate? You could say the moon is the original ‪‎tootsie pop.

Although the moon is not really made of green cheese, it’s unique blend of limestone… Continue reading

Praying M‎mantis are what?

Did you know that all praying ‪‎mantis are ‪‎atheists?
Another fun fact from Mr. Science.

Dinosaurs on Titanic?

Did you know that the last of the ‪‎dinosaurs went down with the ‪‎Titanic?
Another fun fact from Mr. Science.

Aspirin prevents…

Did you know that taking ‪‎aspirin prevents car accidents 100% of the time?
Another fun fact from Mr. Science.

Facts about LEDs from Mr. Science

Did you know that for every minute that a light bulb or LED is on,
40,000 ‪‎trees have to be chopped down?
Another fun fact from Mr. ‪‎Science‬.


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