Does anybody know if Donald Trump has a Twitter account?

When I was a kid…

When I was a kid we didn’t have braces. We just got a punch in the face. I got adjustments every two weeks.

Amazon convention

Was so excited that Amazon convention was coming to San Francisco, but later disappointed that it was 
Darn, I was really hoping to meet Wonder Woman!

Glitch with self-driving cars

Recently discovered computer glitch on self-driving cars:
If passengers get into an argument, and one yells “Go to hell!”, car will drive off a cliff.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.

Did you know that marshmallows are made from baby pandas?
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.

Superman afraid of traffic signals.

When Superman first arrived on Earth, he feared traffic signals because he thought they were Kryptonite.

Green is lethal, Red removes his super powers, and surprisingly he feared Yellow Kryptonite the most because it would make him pregnant.

Eventually, Batman… Continue reading

Neanderthals invented voting.

Neanderthals invented voting, selecting their leader by hurling stones at candidates. The survivor became winner, while the unconscious became House Representatives.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.

Recipes probably created by a guy.

Recipes probably created by a guy:
Customer: “Excuse me, Chef. But this pasta is not completely cooked.”
Chef: “Oh, it’s fine, it’s Al dente!”
Customer: “Excuse me, Chef. But this soup is totally cold.”
Chef: “Oh, it’s fine, it’s… Continue reading

Proposition to increase the alphabet.

I propose a new Proposition to increase the alphabet to 38 letters so that there can be more Propositions.

Traditionally on Thanksgiving, the President…

Traditionally on Thanksgiving, the President pardons a turkey.
If Donald Trump becomes President, he will pardon a pumpkin.

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