Humidity adds 3 pounds

Did you know that every single percentage point of humidity adds 3 pounds to your body weight?
If it wasn’t for humidity, we would all float into outer space.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Young Whippersnapper: “…are you listening to me?”

Me: “You lost me at ‘like’ number seven.”

The first racist…

The first racist loved red apples, but hated green apples. The village people called him “Ugg the Apple Racist” because in pre-historic times, everyone’s name was Ugg.
And that’s how middle names and last names were invented.

Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.

History’s first accident

Did you know that history’s first accident happened when a dinosaur slipped on a banana, then fell on 12 cavemen?
This is how court trials with 12 men in jury originated.
Another fun fact from Mr. Science

Last night’s Fortune Cookie

Last night’s Fortune Cookie:
“Your future wife is waiting for you…in our kitchen.”

Change towels frequently

During cold & flu season, always change towels frequently. Did you know that in just 3 hours, a simple hand towel can accumulate up to 37 pounds of germs? It adds up if you pay for a laundry service.

Another… Continue reading

The Bible was originally written…

The Bible was originally written by Benjamin Franklin…as a joke.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.

Solar Eclipse

Me: “Hey, look at that solar eclipse!”
Him: “Aaaahhh!!! My retinas are on fire! Aaaahhh!!!”
Me: “April Fools.”
Him: “Aaaahhh!!! But it’s December! Aaaahhh!!!”
Me: “Oops…my bad.”

Neanderthals removed a bad tooth by…

Neanderthals removed a bad tooth by tying it to a dinosaur’s tail. The tooth would always be successfully pulled out, but there was also a risk of the dinosaur eating the patient.
This is why to this day, people… Continue reading

Unwrapping a CD

It always takes longer to unwrap a CD than to listen to the entire album.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.

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