An observation

Young men who shave off all the hair on their head, and young women who dye their hair white.
I wonder how they’ll react when they become older, and are actually bald or grey haired?
Maybe do the opposite and… Continue reading


Today is National…

Today is National smack the hot coffee out of someone’s hand Day.


Reason that birds fly in the “V” formation

The reason that birds fly in the “V” formation, is because the “O” formation has already been taken by the buffalo.
And those are the only known letters in the animal kingdom.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Museum of Ice Cream

Today’s tour at the Museum of Ice Cream has been cancelled, due to an employee having a meltdown.


Universe smells

The universe smells just like cabbage stew.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Is Trump eligible to be President?

Another investigation of Donald Trump is looking to see if he is actually eligible to be President.

He was born in the U.S., but his hair was born in Malaysia.


Trump to ban Internet porn?

Donald Trump wants to pass executive order to ban Internet porn.

Great, he’s going to build a firewall, and make us pay for it!


The Microscope

During the first 40 years since the microscope was invented, nobody knew that it could be used for scientific research.
Instead, people used the microscope to crack open pistachios.
Another Fun Fact From Mr. Science.

Olympic Curling

The reason Curling is included in the Olympics, is to give the stadium maintenance crew, time to clean-up during all of those empty seats.


Willy Wonka movie

Willy Wonka movie was originally going to be named Citizen Cane, but Orson Welles threatened to sue.
So they chose Willy Wonka, but were later sued by a porn star.
They “settled” out of court.
Another Fun fact from Mr. Science.


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