New video game…

New video game called “Call of Dooty”.
Rated “I” for Immature.

What does a Dominatrix do when a sub…?

What does a Dominatrix do when a sub, rather than saying “Yes, Mistress” or “No, Mistress”, instead says: “No comment”.
Just asking for a friend.

Danny’s Movie Reviews #2

Grumpy movie reviews: Inherent Vice Continue reading

Danny’s Movie Reviews #1

Grumpy movie reviews: Theory of Everything, Jaws, Y tu Mama Tambien Continue reading

Neck of the Woods 6th Anniversary Show Pics!

Check out the photos from the 6th anniversary show! Continue reading

A journey through Excel, from the memoirs of Danny Dechi

Day 1 – Overtaken by my curiosity, I set sail on a journey to find out how far the Excel spreadsheet can be measured. Naturally, I begin with cell A1, then press the right arrow key, and I’m off to… Continue reading

He called him a what?!

I was at a baseball game when a huge argument started right behind me between these two guys who were insulting each other. One guy said something bad about the other guy’s mother, then the other guy called him a… Continue reading

What?! Katy Perry in Super Bowl halftime show?!

Katy Perry in the Super Bowl halftime show?! It’s a football game! It’s not a place for little girls music! The Super Bowl is a place where tough men play, a field where bones may break, and blood will spill.… Continue reading

I want Rock ‘n Roll back!

I want Rock ‘n Roll back! Those “Barney the Dinosaur” graduates took away our Rock ‘n Roll, and we’re stuck with lamest music ever! I’d like to see Justin Bieberlake try this:

Fortune cookie: “Congratulations…!”

Last night at Chinese restaurant, my fortune cookie read:
“Congratulations, your new wife is in our kitchen.”

Coming up!

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