Note to self

Note to self: When giggling down the street because of something funny that popped into your head, make sure you’re wearing headphones, so people don’t think you’re crazy.


How to end any conversation

Remember, you can always end any conversation by simply saying:
“Because that’s how I roll.”


Rolling Pin

Today I learned that rolling pins may also be used for cooking.



Main reason that bees are on verge of extinction, is due to the flowery scents of vaping, causing bees to fly headfirst into side of buildings, believing them to be flowers.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Ancient Mammals

Until 300 years ago, before mammals evolved to their current stage, and due to all mammal’s having similar physical appearance as a fetus, sometimes a random species would be born from certain mammals.
A polar bear would give birth to… Continue reading



There are about 3,000 species of snakes.
And they all taste like chicken.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Please advise

Please advise.
Is the following message I received a misspelling, or a suggestive remark:
“Do you want to meat me, tonight?”


Pet Chiropractor

Friend had to take his dog to the pet chiropractor, after he curbed his dog.



In order to prevent pickpockets, I put mousetraps in my pockets.
A woman said to me: “Is that a mousetrap in your pocket, or you happy to see me?”
That’s how I get a lot of tail…if you know what I mean.


I tried eating leek soup, but the bowl is always empty.

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