Atoms and Spiders

Atoms join other atoms using strands of spider webs in order to combine as molecules.
So if spiders one day become extinct, there will no longer be any molecules.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.

Adam & Eve and mixed fruits.

While Adam & Eve gained knowledge by eating an apple, eating a pear gave them math skills, which came in handy for building a cabin, a bedroom and dinette set.

Unfortunately, the talking snake did not mention the pineapple which… Continue reading

Future of Transportation

In order to reduce carbon emissions, in the near future, cars, buses, trains, and even airplanes will all be replaced by catapults and enormous baseball mitts.
Another Fun Fact From Mr. Science.

Citizens, join Get Off My Lawn party!

Hey Citizens! Are you against new music, smartphones, call-waiting, hipsters, marijuana, granola, reality shows, and tired of those two other political parties?
Then join the Get Off My Lawn party, and vote for me for President!


It’s spice pumpkin season again!

It’s spice pumpkin season again! Everything is going orange, like coffee, pastries, pancakes, etc.
At a NYC Starbucks, an employee accidentally grabbed Donald Trump’s head, and almost shoved it into the blender!

Chicken salad sandwiches

They serve only chicken salad sandwiches in heaven.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.

If your business is not doing well…

New local business wasn’t doing well, so I suggested they diversify, and serve breakfast all day. So please support and enjoy breakfast any time of day at Fred’s Flower Shop.

50 million years ago, the earth rotated much faster…

50 million years ago, the earth rotated much faster. So rather than 24 hours to a day, there were 4 hours to a day.
12 million years from now, the earth will spin much slower, lengthening an earth day to… Continue reading

Lazy Democrats, go out and vote!

Hey, Democrats! Don’t be lazy, go out and vote! The Republicans vote. That’s why we end up with a bunch of lunatic monsters like Donald “why can’t we use nukes” Trump, Mike Pence, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, and… Continue reading

Watching game show Jeopardy…

Watching game show Jeopardy, whenever a contestant says the wrong answer, I shout: “You stoopid!”, even though I have no idea what the answer is. Because that’s how I roll.
I also did that during jury duty once.

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