Hello Americans,
Today I am announcing the new Supreme Court Justice. I don’t remember his name at the moment, but he’s a very nice man, a lovely man, who will pass some bigly laws with his gavel. He has a beautiful, shiny gavel. He made it himself from a magnificent redwood tree. If you saw his amazing gavel, you would be amazed.

And he looks so fantastic in his robe, which he also made himself. When he was young, he worked in the circus, and he borrowed his fellow trapeze artist’s…God rest his soul…cape to make a beautiful robe, because he hoped that one day he would be a great judge for the Supreme Court.

We both talked about making a law to give women the right to vote. I’ll leave that up to him. I won’t influence him on that. He’s the expert, so I’ll let him decide if women should vote.

This wonderful candidate for Supreme Court judge is just like you and me. Has his own business. His clothes hanger factory has been struggling, but he has great expectations that this year sales will be off the charts.

Speaking of charts, I really love waffles, with their fruit spread and powdered sugar. Waffles with powdered sugar is amazing. I can’t get enough of that powdered sugar. Watch out if I don’t get powdered sugar on my waffles! Let go my ego…heh, heh, heh. I wish everything was made of waffles, except waffle cones. I don’t like those sharp points.
♫ I read the news today, oh boy.♫

That’s my time folks. I gotta lot of tremendous work to do today, and I got a new shipment of pens.
Good night.

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