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Want to see a movie?

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HIM: Want to see a movie?
HER: Yeah, Yesterday.
HIM: Wow, you really do want to see a movie. What movie do you want to see Friday?
HER: Yesterday is Friday.
HIM: No, yesterday was Wednesday.
HER: No, Yesterday is on Friday. I want to see Yesterday, tomorrow.
HIM: You want to see a movie tomorrow?
HER: Yesterday.
HIM: We can’t see a movie yesterday! It already passed.
HER: But Yesterday is tomorrow.
HIM: Okay, fine! You go see yesterday, tomorrow!
HER: So, you don’t want to see Yesterday with me?
HIM: I can’t see Yesterday, and you can’t see Yesterday, either!
HER: Really! Well, I’m just going by myself to see Yesterday, tomorrow.
HIM: I’m sorry, honey. Let’s not argue. Listen, they’re playing our song: ♪♫…Eight days a week…♫♪

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Batman vs. Superman movie review

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I have seen all of the previous Batman and Superman movies, even though I didn’t expect them to be good, but I will not watch the latest Batman vs. Superman. Just from watching the movie trailer, I can see that this movie is bad and doesn’t come close to representing the real Batman and Superman, or any of the other DC characters.

Creators of this movie used Batman and Superman characters as an excuse to make up some story whose characters could have easily been replaced with Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell. They figured by just throwing a couple of capes onto the screen, millions will flock to see this misrepresentation.

They try tempting me with an Amazon wielding rope, but I still won’t shell out money for this sham. Only way I might possibly watch it, is when it comes out on network TV during a Christmas Special.


Dr. Phil Movie

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I had a dream last night. I’m on the set for the upcoming movie about Dr. Phil. My role is playing one of Dr. Phil’s patients. I quietly sit face-to-face with the great Dr. Phil while he lectures me.

I think I need a stuntman.  👍

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Man of Steel and World War Z movie reviews:

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The following is my review of the Superman movie “Man of Steel”. Earth to Superman: Please don’t save us! This orgy of explosions and collapsing buildings, completely abandoned one of the main principles of the real Superman and all super-heroes: Don’t let innocent people get killed while you’re fighting the bad guys. Now that I think of it, preventing harm to innocent bystanders is a common standard of police, firemen, teachers, marching bands, pole dancers, and pretty much anybody, except for politicians.

At the end of the movie, Superman and Lois Lane are alone enjoying a romantic moment, surrounded by nothing but leveled buildings as far as the eye can see. Besides the destructive fisticuffs, maybe the addition of trying to save the world by creating a black hole wasn’t such a good idea either. Is there ever a time when a black hole helps?

I must say that the people who made this film don’t really know much about anything. One more little example: Clark Kent was raised in the state of Kansas. To emphasize this, in one scene, Clark wears a t-shirt representing the Kansas City Royals baseball team. Kansas City Royals are located in the state of Missouri, not Kansas. I give this movie 4 slaps to the forehead.

Also, here’s my quick review of World War Z. Good movie, go see it. I give it 3½ Zombie bites. By the way, the scene where Zombies are climbing over each other to get to the other side of a wall was done before in this Billy Idol video:

You’re welcome.  👍