Hey vapers, when you were a kid, did you want to grow up to be a choo-choo train or an industrial smokestack?



NASA’s moon mission schedule for this week, is called LADEE for Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer, and will of course, be navigated by Jerry Lewis.


New local business wasn’t doing well

New local business wasn’t doing well, so I suggested they diversify, and serve breakfast all day.

So please support and enjoy breakfast any time of day at Fred’s Flower Shop.



I think the old cartoons are more ethical than contemporary cartoons.
Back then, characters got blown up, thrown off cliffs, had anvils dropped on their head, smashed in the face with various objects, and set on fire.
But… Continue reading



Try this at work:
“Hey, Dave. I saw a bunch of people hanging around your desk, and they had marshmallows.
I think your desk is on fire.”


Knowledge is power

They say ‘Knowledge is power’.
But so is stupidity.


Seems like Karma is the new way of saying revenge.

I went to the optometrist…

Went to the optometrist today, and I found out that my vision gets blurry when punched in both eyes. So the doctor prescribed me to wear his prescription safety goggles.
After leaving his office, I noticed that I needed an… Continue reading


Brown bag lunch

Today attended strangest brown bag lunch meeting ever. Everyone had a brown bag over their head.

One guy had a plastic bag over his head, and is recovering at General Hospital.


I don’t use hair dryer because it kills the lice.

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