Trump to ban Internet porn?

Donald Trump wants to pass executive order to ban Internet porn.

Great, he’s going to build a firewall, and make us pay for it!


Olympic Curling

The reason Curling is included in the Olympics, is to give the stadium maintenance crew, time to clean-up during all of those empty seats.


Jobs website

Saw TV ad for one of those “Jobs” websites. One of the employers in the ad said, he’s looking for an employee who can take a punch.
I considered the position, but they only pay minimum wage.


Slow Wi-Fi

I got low-budget Internet service from Comcast.
Lately, my Wi-Fi has been slow, since the hamster broke a hip.


Is rolling on the ground and crying, considered as exercise?


Me: “Why are you hitting the dog with a tablet?”
Him: “Because they don’t make newspapers anymore.”


Thinking about going to a different dentist…

My current dentist wants to charge me extra for procedures I don’t need.
Last time he wanted to perform brain surgery.


Missing child…

After years, police finally find missing boy. They ask next door neighbor:
“All these years, you saw this child, but didn’t inform the police. Didn’t you know he was missing?!”
Neighbor: “I’m lactose intolerant.”


Holey War

Oh no! The donuts are fighting the bagels! It’s a holey war!



Go into a church and you see this giant, dead, bleeding Jesus hanging on the wall.
And these are the people complaining about Halloween.


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