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Belles & Whistles at Boom Boom Room!

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Barbary Coast Belles & Whistles Variety Show

Comedy, Magic, Music and Burlesque at the Boom Boom Room

Sunday, September 16th – 10PM, $8
Groovy Judy Band at 9PM

1601 Fillmore (at Geary), San Francisco

Tickets at Boom Boom Room or Buy Now!

Mark your calendars for some old-fashioned late night Barbary Coast fun with some of the hottest local performers at the historical Boob Boom Room in the heart of the Fillmore District! Continue Reading


Music Nowadays

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When I was a kid, old people would tell me: โ€œHey, turn that down! Your musicโ€™s too loud!โ€
Now that Iโ€™m grown up, I tell youngsters: โ€œWhat is this? A poetry reading? Your musicโ€™s too soft!โ€
What happened?

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Grammy Awards – boring

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Grammy Awards last night was so lame. Music was rhythm-less, whiny, and boring. I guess this is what we have to put with, since having a generation of โ€œmusiciansโ€ who grew up on Barney the Dinosaur. I didnโ€™t see a musical instrument until an hour and 15 minutes into the show. It was a piano.


Prehistoric music record

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A music record made of stone, made by a Cro-Magnon was recently discovered. The record could not be played because it requires a dodo bird’s beak to be used as a needle, but its lyrics etched in stone have also been recovered.

Partially translated, the song is about a man losing his wife to a Neanderthal, and his mother nagging him to get a job at the new wheel factory, instead of wasting his life on being a musician.

Since there were no cities back then, experts determine this to be the first country music song, which the artist named “The Ballad of Fred Flinstone”.

Another Fun fact from Mr. Science.

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