Yay for Pollution!

Yay! 4/20 is Pollution Day at Golden Gate Park! Let’s celebrate pollution! All the wildlife creatures must really be enjoying 4/20! Yay for Pollution! Although, it’s a shame that tobacco smokers are being discriminated from being part of this celebration to pollution.
San Francisco is No. 1 in pot smoking. Yay! We’re the biggest polluter of them all! But I already knew that, from experiencing the daily pollution everywhere on the stinking streets of San Francisco.
Who wants to be like those stupid liberals, with their stupid clean air ideas? People want to be cool, like Republicans, eliminate the EPA, pollute all they want, and puff literally STINKING DRUGS into people’s faces. Now that is cool!
This city event had a few incidents. Police arrested 22 unicorns, 4 weed whackers, and a ham sandwich! News at 11.


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