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What?! Katy Perry in Super Bowl halftime show?!

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Katy Perry in the Super Bowl halftime show?! It’s a football game! It’s not a place for little girls music! The Super Bowl is a place where tough men play, a field where bones may break, and blood will spill. At least get some real women who rock, like Pat Benatar, or Joan Jett, or Twisted Sister! But Katy Perry?! That’s like putting a merry-go-round on a pirate ship! Or a boxer raising his hand during the middle of the fight to be excused so that he can take a wee wee in the little boys room.

Year after year it’s the same thing with this little girls music. Who are you aiming for in the ratings, men, or all those Oprahs out there? C’mon NFL! Be a man. Don’t turn the Super Bowl into a Martha Stewart show!

Is Katy Perry popular just because she sang some lame song “I kissed a girl”? Who didn’t kiss a girl, except for those sissys who planned the Super Bowl halftime show!

This is the kind of music that should be on a halftime show: Twisted Sister
not this: Katy Perry
By the way hopscotch fans, here’s the original “I kissed a girl” – Original: I kissed a girl
Booya!  👍