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Moon Gravity

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The moon’s gravitational pull maintains the Earth’s rotation at a 24 hour day. If there was no moon, an Earth day would only be 1 and a half hours long. Shoes and sidewalks would need to be magnetized, otherwise people and animals would spin off into the Sun. Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Christopher Columbus believed the world was flat.

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Christopher Columbus believed the world was flat. His mission was to sail off the edge of the world, and land on the moon.
During his journey, 2 of his other ships fell victim to giant lobsters and giant clams.
Rather than the moon, Columbus landed in Indiana, where he started the world’s first mini-mart, which we know today as Walmart.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.1 👍

Moon tastes like…

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Did you know that the center of the ‪‎moon’s hard surface consists of chewy chocolate? You could say the moon is the original ‪‎tootsie pop.

Although the moon is not really made of green cheese, it’s unique blend of limestone and ‪‎kryptonite, does make the moon’s surface taste like green cheese.

Don’t believe me? Next time you’re at the ‪‎Smithsonian, take a small bite out a moon rock, while the security guard is not looking.

Unless you’re ‪‎Superman, ha ha ha.

Another fun fact from Mr. ‪‎Science. 👍