Superman crossing the street

Superman teaches his young Superson to cross the street.
They look left, no car coming.
They look right, no car coming.
As soon as they step into the street, a truck falls on top of them.
Superman look up to… Continue reading


Octopus Camouflage

Because of their precise camouflaging abilities, many burglars train octopus to blend into a wall, then steal items from a home, while the owner is away.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Farm to Table restaurants

I went to one of those Farm to Table restaurants. I ordered the scrambled eggs special. Waiter brings over a chicken and paint shaker. Good thing I didn’t order a milk shake.



Every Valentine’s Day, the Devil disguises himself as Cupid, shoots arrows at random couples, and causes divorces.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.



Sometimes I’m so desperate for a hug, that I go to a restaurant, and pretend that I’m choking.


Most accidents happen in the home

The number one accident that happens in the home is, being shot with bow & arrow by a kitten. Following close behind are injuries from Swing Dancing on a tightrope, and pregnancy.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Gummy Bears

If you place a Gummy Bear next to a mother Grizzly Bear, she will raise it as one of her own. That’s why you should never eat Gummy Bears in a forest. You might be attacked by a Grizzly Bear,… Continue reading


If you squeeze…

If you squeeze Lemon onto Peanut Butter, it tastes just like Pineapple.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.

What are those?

“What are those?”
“Reading glasses.”
“What if you don’t know how to read?


Want to see a movie?

HIM: Want to see a movie?
HER: Yeah, Yesterday.
HIM: Wow, you really do want to see a movie. What movie do you want to see Friday?
HER: Yesterday is Friday.
HIM: No, yesterday was Wednesday.
HER: No, Yesterday is… Continue reading


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