Hear Astronaut

If an astronaut is floating out in space, and no one is there to hear, will a tree fall on him?


Dolphins are intelligent

Everyone knows that dolphins are intelligent creatures. But Professor Gillbreath believed dolphins have even more potential if they lived within human society. So, he placed a dolphin in a water tank, and enrolled it into a physics class at a… Continue reading



If you Botox a Pug, it will look like a Chihuahua.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Remember when nobody wanted to ride in a station wagon?

– Remember when nobody wanted to ride in a station wagon?
– But, my car is not a station wagon. It’s a CRV, or STD.
– Does your car have a trunk?
– No.
– Does your car have a… Continue reading


Eels prevent electrocution during mating

When mating, eels prevent electrocution by grounding themselves to starfish. You might think starfish would be shocked at being forced to watch such a spectacle, but starfish are known for being kinky.  Sometimes you might find a starfish lying… Continue reading


Buses with Artificial Intelligence

The City has equipped public buses with Artificial Intelligence.
The bus I rode on, broke down…and cried.


Smart Car

Does spitting on a Smart Car count as a car wash?
Asking for a friend who was recently fired from a car wash.


Taller than 6’2”

Anyone who is taller than 6’2” has their DNA stretched out in the form of a ladder.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Preview of my new Silent Movie

Here’s a preview of my new Silent Movie: The Invisible Man Meets The Invisible Woman:


Always wash new underwear

Always wash new underwear after removing from package. Manufacturers test all of their underwear on chimpanzees. Yes, including Victoria’s Secret.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


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