I’m not good at taking compliments

Whenever someone gives me a compliment, I punch them in the stomach.


How clams communicate

Clams communicate with each other by releasing up to 26 different styles of bubbles.
They can only reproduce when the exact style of bubble from two clams, intermingle.
The English language was derived from the clam alphabet.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.



Someone told me that I should audition for American Idle.


Good Friday?

Someone just explained to me what Good Friday is.
My goodness!
I wouldn’t want to know what Bad Friday is!


Good job!

Boss: “You’re doing a great job, Danny!”
Danny: “Thank you, sir!”
Boss: “April Fools!”


Pole Dancing

Pole dancing originated at the North Pole, as a way for expeditioners to keep warm.
For unknown reasons, North Pole dancing attracted swarms of penguins, and Mrs. Claus.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Man Bun

Saw a man wearing this intricate interwoven man bun.
I guess it was more of a man croissant.


Chocolate Bunny

-“Why do people eat the head of the chocolate bunny first?”
-“Because that way, the bunny doesn’t struggle while you eat the rest of it.


Typical evening at Kellyanne Conway home:

Kellyanne: “Honey, we have lasagna for dinner, tonight.”
Husband: “But this is pizza!”


An observation

Young men who shave off all the hair on their head, and young women who dye their hair white.
I wonder how they’ll react when they become older, and are actually bald or grey haired?
Maybe do the opposite and… Continue reading


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