Marijuana: keep it private

If you need marijuana for medical reasons, that’s fine. But please keep it private. You never see anyone getting enemas in public.


Yay for Pollution!

Yay! 4/20 is Pollution Day at Golden Gate Park! Let’s celebrate pollution! All the wildlife creatures must really be enjoying 4/20! Yay for Pollution! Although, it’s a shame that tobacco smokers are being discriminated from being part of this celebration… Continue reading


The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was formed by prehistoric giant termites.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.

Vacuum cleaner on bus.

Last night, I rode the bus carrying back my old vacuum cleaner, which I let a friend borrow.

As I got off the bus, I said to the driver: “It’s all clean.”


Christopher Columbus believed the world was flat.

Christopher Columbus believed the world was flat. His mission was to sail off the edge of the world, and land on the moon.
During his journey, 2 of his other ships fell victim to giant lobsters and giant clams.
Rather… Continue reading


How can you tell if someone is a vegan?

How can you tell if someone is a vegan?
When they breathe, you can smell the tears from their stomach.


The Pointer Dog

The Pointer Dog, normally used for hunting, also instinctively points to written letters and computer screens, because the Pointer Dog was originally used to point out grammatical errors.
Another Fun fact from Mr. Science.

Cows can never be Kosher

Cows can never be Kosher, because the meat and dairy are always combined to begin with.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.

Moses’ brother Marvin

Not to be outdone by his older brother Moses, who parted the Atlantic Ocean using a giant bread stick, Marvin sliced a sandwich into four pieces.
And that’s how the club sandwich was invented.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.



Sure is raining here right now.
I picked the wrong day to buy soap!


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