Reason that Oranges are larger the Lemons

The reason that Oranges are larger the Lemons, is because orange molecules are much larger than yellow molecules.
Another Fun Fact From Mr. Science.



Salmon propel themselves against currents and jump through waves, by passing gas.
And that’s how mineral water is made.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.



After numerous lawsuits, Dove Chocolate Company no longer makes white chocolate, in order to prevent people from mistakenly eating Dove Soap.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Did you hear about…

Did you hear about the ghost who committed suicide?
They donated his body to séance.


The day after Halloween

Telling people today:
“Dude, Halloween is over.”


Caution! Some waters may contain…

Caution! Some waters may contain chemicals H, 2, and O.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


Why they call it World Series

Some people complain why do they call it World Series, when it’s only played in the U.S..
Well, what about the Ms.Universe pageant?


Thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia…

Thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia, there was a boy named Nic, who enjoyed eating outside. All the other kids picked on Nic for that, and that’s how the word ‘picnic’ came about. Kids called him really bad names, such… Continue reading

If you have long hair…

If you have long hair, and pull it up, you can actually lift yourself at least 3 feet off the ground.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


32 feet per second

All objects fall at 32 feet per second.
Except for yellow objects, which fall at 7 feet per second.
Another Fun Fact from Mr. Science.


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