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Moon tastes like…

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Did you know that the center of the ‪‎moon’s hard surface consists of chewy chocolate? You could say the moon is the original ‪‎tootsie pop.

Although the moon is not really made of green cheese, it’s unique blend of limestone and ‪‎kryptonite, does make the moon’s surface taste like green cheese.

Don’t believe me? Next time you’re at the ‪‎Smithsonian, take a small bite out a moon rock, while the security guard is not looking.

Unless you’re ‪‎Superman, ha ha ha.

Another fun fact from Mr. ‪‎Science.  👍

Polar Bear Eggs

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The reason ‪‎polar bears are on the verge of extinction is because they lay their eggs before they hibernate, so when they wake up, it’s hard for them to find their ‪‎eggs in the snow.

Another fun fact from Mr. ‪‎Science.  👍

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