Drops The Mic

What does it mean when someone Drops The Mic,
after sex?


Difference between Presbyterian and Methodist

The only difference between Presbyterian and Methodist, is the wrestling.



BOB went to the complaint department, because the cashier spelled his name backwards.


Goofy and Pluto

People wonder why Goofy wears clothes and walks upright. While Pluto, who also is a dog, wears only a collar and walks on all fours.
Pluto is a sub.


Marijuana Olympics

This year’s medals for the Marijuana Munchies Olympics:

Bronze Medal – Mark F. for eating his shoes.

Silver Medal – Linda G. for eating her laptop, including charger.

And the Gold Medal goes to “Aquaman” McKenzie for eating an entire… Continue reading


Coffee Robot

I tried coffee from the robot at the mall today, and I found a bolt in my coffee.
I guess that’s why it’s now out of order.


Bobbing for Apples

Kids are so soft nowadays, with their fancy games Bobbing for Apples.
When I was a kid, we went Bobbing for French Fries.

Hey hairy guys!

Hey hairy guys!
There’s a new shampoo for you.
It’s called Hairy Shoulders.

Birth in mid-air

She actually gave birth in mid-air, halfway over the fence.
They’re looking at the instant replay to see if there was possession on, or before the border line.


Music Nowadays

When I was a kid, old people would tell me: “Hey, turn that down! Your music’s too loud!”
Now that I’m grown up, I tell youngsters: “What is this? A poetry reading? Your music’s too soft!”
What happened?


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