Work from home?

Friend of mine is upset because his boss wouldn’t let him work from home, just because he’s a surgeon.


I’m Superman, and you are…

Tried a little sexy role playing last night. I was Superman, and I told her she can be the cat stuck up in the tree.
Maybe I should have said Lois Lane.


Room for cream?

Barista asks me if I’d like room for cream in my coffee.
I say: “No, but can you leave room for my cheeseburger? Because I live in the fast lane, baby!”


Buffalo Burger

Just before I walk in the door of the Buffalo Burger Joint, a car sputters up next to me, then lets out a loud bang.
All of a sudden, a huge herd of buffalo crash out of the restaurant,… Continue reading


Breastfeeding in public

Hey guys, don’t complain about a woman breastfeeding in public.
She already has enough dealing with one baby.


Old game show

Watching an old game show on The Game Show Channel. One man gets the right answer, and wins $100. Then another man gets the right answer, and wins $100.
The next question is answered by a woman, and she wins $73.


Freeway congestion

Traffic tie-up on the freeway today, due to heavy congestion.
There was a guy coughing in the middle of the freeway.


So what am I?

Me: “Okay, so I know that a ‘bear’ is a larger, hairier man who projects an image of rugged masculinity.
So what am I?”

He: “You’re a hamster.”



Yes, there is mansplaining But how could we ever forget the more widely used…nagsplaining.


Muscle car

“So, this is your new muscle car?”
“Yeah…does this V8 engine makes my balls look big?”


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