The Howard Stone Show with the Danny Dechi Orchestra!

Variety Show/Talk show with Howard Stone and The Danny Dechi Orchestra!

“The interview segments on The Daily Show really drag — if only Jon Stewart would take a leaf from Howard Stone’s book and ruthlessly mock guests rather than ask softball questions. Sir Stone has been plugging away with his uproarious live gig, The Howard Stone Show, for years, yet he doesn’t pull in the accolades he deserves for such fun segments as “Mixed Nuts” (a lineup of damaged comics discussing their problems with ADD and bipolar disorder) and “Iron Balloon Chef” (in which clowns battle it out for balloon-twisting supremacy). Tonight’s “Bitter Show” is a welcome release from holiday cheer. One-man orchestra Danny Dechi might include cracked Christmas carols in the repertoire he plays by whapping himself in the jaw with a No. 2 pencil.”

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